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Thanks to Thompson Studios for use of their pictures.
Thanks to Thompson Studios for use of their pictures.

We take great pride in helping children and parents overcome challenges and achieve goals. Our focus is on the individual needs of every infant, child, and adult who will benefit from our team of skilled professionals.

We offer speech-language pathology, physical therapy, occupational therapy and early intervention at:

Your home
Your child’s school/daycare
5 outpatient pediatric clinics

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Latest Articles From Our Pediatric Therapy Blog

Early Therapy for Autism Can Make A Difference

Experts are learning that early diagnosis and therapy in children with autism can have a significant effect on the outcome. Read the CNN article on “Early therapy can change brains of kids with autism.” What are some of the signs of autism? Children with autism generally have problems in three crucial areas of development — […]

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The Head Shape Clinic Addresses Positional Plagiocephaly

Chantel Hietler, PT and Director of Occupational and Physical Therapy Services with Independent Living Inc., takes part in the Head Shape Clinic twice a month. The Head Shape Clinic Led by cranifacial surgeon Dr. Pat Ricalde. The multidisciplinary team evalutates, diagnoses, and treats infants with positional plagiocephaly. This condition is commonly caused by preferred sleeping […]

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The Importance of Tummy Time

Start Early to Prevent Delays Babies should always be placed to sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of SIDS, but from day one it is just as important to give them plenty of opportunities to play on their tummy when they are awake. Babies who do not get enough tummy time risk having […]

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Toe Walkers | Children Walking On Toes Beware!

Children walking on toes walk on their toes for various different reasons. Some parents look at toe-walking as a benefit to the future ballerina and other parents become very concerned when their child is constantly tiptoeing around. Frequently, toe-walking is completely benign; indicating nothing more than the child has a tendency to walk on their […]

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It’s More Than Just Painting!

Ever wonder what other AWESOME things you could do with Blue Painter’s Tape? Many Independent Living Inc. pediatric therapists use this great stuff during therapy sessions. The bright color, easy clean up, straight lines and its cheap cost make painter’s tape a fan favorite. We have gathered some helpful tips and great ways to use […]

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Children With Special Needs Awareness

Evelyn Mann is a special needs mom living with her husband in Tampa, Florida. They are raising their six year old son who was born with a rare form of dwarfism called Thanatophoric Dwarfism. You can follow their journey on their website. “Did you see my son hit that baseball out of the park!” the […]

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