Independent Living Inc. Pediatric Therapy is seeking professional therapists treating the pediatric population, i.e. birth through 21 years of age and developmentally disabled adults, within a variety of settings- home, school, daycare, and clinic. Each Occupational Therapist must be able to manage their own caseload, i.e. evaluations, progress reports, daily treatment notes, letters of medical necessity, phone calls and appointment schedules. Applicants must be willing to administer standardized tests to all clients and be able to score, interpret and design behavioral, observable and measurable goals.

Communication between disciplines is encouraged. The position requires the therapist to be independent, organized and professional with their interactions with clients, families, physicians and staff. The position allows a therapist to grow professionally as they are allowed to develop individual treatment plans utilizing a variety of interventions as they deem important.

New graduates are encouraged to apply as well as experienced therapists. Mentorship programs are available for new graduates. The company encourages the therapists to establish their own schedule and work the number of hours they prefer depending on their hire status.

Visit our Careers page for information about how we work closely with employees to provide flexible scheduling, paid time off, 401K, Continuing Education Unit (CEU) allowance as well as discounted group rates for CEUs, and much, much more… We even mention leaving our carbon footprint behind as we plan to GO GREEN!

Applicants are encouraged to submit their resumes via email to qualify for an interview.