Early Therapy for Autism Can Make A Difference

Experts are learning that early diagnosis and therapy in children with autism can have a significant effect on the outcome. Read the CNN article on “Early therapy can change brains of kids with autism.” What are some of the signs of autism? Children with autism generally have problems in three crucial areas of development — […]

Autism: The Importance of Early Detection and Intervention

As with any child with special needs, early detection is essential to allow interventions to be implemented. With autism, intervention needs to be started before deviation and delay from the normal pattern of development has progressed too far. A characteristic unique to Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is the need for structure and repetitive routines. The […]

Approach to Autism Gift of Gratitude

Register to win one of two $50.00 gift checks that will be given away monthly. Sign up now for their Gift of Gratitude, partner reward program. Every month, starting November 1, 2011, Approach to Autism will be giving two $50 Gift of Gratitude gift certificates to our viewers. Register here to win. Gift Certificates will […]

Novermber 2, 2011: Mealtime Success for Kids on the Spectrum: Integrative Nutrition for Picky Eaters

Mealtime Success for Kids on the Spectrum: Integrative Nutrition for Picky Eaters Presented by Cross Country Education & Susan L. Roberts, MDiv, OTR/L About Cross Country Education: Cross Country Education is a national leader in high-quality educational products and services for the entire health care industry. Our seminars and training programs are designed to help […]

Watch & Listen to Dr. Greenspan Discuss Topics of Interest to Parents & Professionals

Dr. Stanley Greenspan Video Lectures In a series of 10 video lectures recorded between 2005 and 2009. The video lectures are available for viewing now, for only $75. Topics include: Early signs of ASD Older children and adults with ASD Raising the ceiling The CDC-ICDL report The do’s and don’ts of early intervention Attention, OCD […]