Feeding Therapy: It’s Not Just About Swallowing

Course Description: This interactive workshop not only addresses the foundations for eating – the core knowledge of pediatric feeding therapy – but addresses carry-over to the home and school environments as a crucial component to long term success. Learn how to create a supportive atmosphere for eating through optimal positioning, respecting the child’s sensory system […]

Watch & Listen to Dr. Greenspan Discuss Topics of Interest to Parents & Professionals

Dr. Stanley Greenspan Video Lectures In a series of 10 video lectures recorded between 2005 and 2009. The video lectures are available for viewing now, for only $75. Topics include: Early signs of ASD Older children and adults with ASD Raising the ceiling The CDC-ICDL report The do’s and don’ts of early intervention Attention, OCD […]

ILI Visits Island Dolphin Care for Children with Special Needs

Our very own Director of Physical Therapy, Chantel Hietler, recently visited Island Dolphin Care which was developed to help children with special needs and their families. Island Dolphin Care started with 4 kids, and now has more than 1,200 kids participate in it’s camps every year. Here is her story: I recently took a trip […]

ILI’s September 2011 Featured Educational Toy: Mr. Potato Head!

Mr. Potato Head is a fantastic toy our therapists use to encourage speech-language, social skills, fine motor, and sensory processing development in children with special needs. To encourage clear speech sounds, our Speech-Language Pathologists focus on the beginning sounds in words to promote age-appropriate articulation skills in children. For example: “na-na-na-nose, ma-ma-ma-mouth, tee-tee-tee-teeth, sh-sh-sh-shoes” all […]

iPad Coming to Our Clinics for Children with Special Needs!

Independent Living Inc. Pediatric Therapy is proud to announce Apple’s iPad is coming to our pediatric therapy clinics. We have named a few therapists to specialize in special education iPad apps built specifically to help in the development of children with special needs including: autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, apraxia, and other diagnoses. Sign up […]

CEU Self-Study: iPad and Autism: A Match Made in Heaven

iPad and Autism: A Match Made in Heaven Technology, especially computers, have contributed to the communication and aid in learning for those with autism. The iPad, like most computers, has proven to be an effective tool for the vast spectrum of autism. This self-study will help you learn how to use the iPad your students […]

September 24, 2011: 5th Annual SPARC Conference!

5th Annual SPARC Conference: STAND – Pinellas Accessing Resources Conference Independent Living Inc. Pediatric Therapy is very excited to share with you the 2011 5th Annual SPARC Conference! This is a Florida statewide conference on exceptional student education with national presenters and exhibitors. This growing annual day has become widely known for the variety of […]

July 20-23, 2011: Building Integration Through The Developmental Process

Building Integration Through The Developmental ProcessSheila Frick, OTR & Julia Wilbarger, PhD, OTR Framed within the perspectives of sensory integration theory, this interactive course will explore in depth the neurodevelopmental processes that integrate sensory, postural, and motor functions and development. The principles of sensory integration theory and the foundations of movement and postural development will […]

June 22 – 24, 2011: Pediatric Dysphagia: Management of the Whole Child

Pediatric Dysphagia: Management of the Whole Child Develop a comprehensive management plan for children with dysphagia by learning the skills necessary. Many children, including those with cerebral palsy, prematurity, and gastro-esophageal reflux disease among others, present us with the special challenges of pediatric swallowing disorders. Too often, the whole child is lost as we struggle […]

May 13 & 14, 2011: Building Blocks for Sensory Integration: The Sensory-Motor Foundations for Attention & Learning

Building Blocks for Sensory Integration: The Sensory-Motor Foundations for Attention & LearningSheila Frick, OTR This two-day experiential workshop provides therapists with an in-depth understanding of the developmental and neurophysiological links between sensory integration and the basic primary movement patterns that provide the foundation (or building blocks) for sensory modulation and integration. Beginning with support of […]