How To Teach Your Child Colors!

How To Teach Your Child Colors!It’s dress alike day at the Citrus Park Clinic! A group of ILI therapists and office staff all dressed in gray and black today! This is a great way to teach your children colors. Pick a color for the week and bombard your child with all things “blue” for the week. A “blue” cup, shirt, shorts, socks, plate, blocks, toys, fork, spoon, placemat (blue paper taped to the table/floor/door), blue juice, blue foods…etc. Dress in the color of the week each day. Talk about the color of the week and associate each color with a particular cartoon character or environmental item. For example, “blue like Blue’s Clues, red like Elmo, green like the grass/trees, yellow like the sun or Spongebob, etc.” When quizzing your child “What color is this?” provide clues by reminding them of the associated character/item and the beginning sound, “it’s like Elmo, it’s r-r-r-r.” Children learn best through repetition. By providing a color experience each week, your child will quickly learn to identify colors.