Community Based Therapy

Community Based TherapyWe here at Independent Living Inc. Pediatric Therapy believe a child is more comfortable in an environment they can trust. Our community based therapy is provided in a playground atmosphere found in our three outpatient clinics, warmth of a home, or excitement of a school. Overall 64% of our services are home based therapy, 20% is school based therapy and 16% is provided in our outpatient clinics. Independent Living Inc. holds high standards for our team of therapists, and has earned an excellent reputation within the community and local school districts. We were recently semi-finalists for the 2010 Small Business of the Year Awards.


Clinic Based TherapyClinic based therapy gives each child the opportunity to work with skilled therapists while taking advantage of our equipment and technology, e.g. Platform Swings and our Therapeutic Listening™ program. You will have the flexibility to schedule time with a therapist that will provide therapy using any of our structured, goal-oriented processes utilized in our clinics. We currently have three clinics throughout the greater Tampa Bay area. Please visit Our Locations page to find a clinic near you.


Home Based TherapyOur home based services are very convenient for the parents and caregivers as many children are simply more comfortable in their home environment. We implemented home visits because we have an understanding that some parents and caregivers may have difficulty with transportation and scheduling. We have grown to be the largest pediatric home based therapy provider in the Tampa Bay area as we have the largest number of pediatric therapists providing home based care.


School Based TherapyThe supervisory team has current and previous experience working for various public and private school systems. Therefore, the team understands the philosophy of the school system and the type of therapist required to provide educationally relevant school based therapy. Many of our staff therapists also have previous school based experience and are extremely competent in this setting. Independent Living Inc. therapists are experienced with completing screenings, evaluations, therapeutic techniques, documentation, IDEA requirements and individualized education plans (IEPs). We are confident we can provide qualified therapists to meet the requirements of any school district effectively, professionally and ethically.

We provide therapists on a contractual basis with the following school districts: Hillsborough, Pasco, Brevard, Collier, Manatee, Duval and Palm Beach counties via the government bidding process to provide additional staff should a need exist.